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The Earn to Die games

The Earn to Die game series is one series of an addicting challenging and exciting racing game. The graphics are clear and good. The controls are very easy, just the arrow keys from your keyboard. Even the music and sound effects are stimulating.

All Earn to Die sequels have the same gameplay. You will be driving a total of three vehicles to finish the game. But you will need to upgrade your current vehicle at the end of the day. Each run is equal to a day. And you earn cash for zombies killed and the distance your vehicle have reached. From the first Earn to Die, improvements and some differences were made for the succeeding versions.


The story of the game started when then zombie apocalypse dawned on the survivor’s hometown. Being brave and tough, the survivor looked for a way to escape from the zombies. He has high hopes too that there must be a safe place away from all these zombies. Using binoculars, he saw from a distance a helicopter. Believing that it can fly him away from the zombies, he aimed to get there. Yet he needs a ride to get there. So he started with a small hatchback.

In Earn to Die 2012, a clipping showed that he made it to the helicopter. However, just like the vehicles he had used before, the helicopter ran out of fuel. Having gotten a communication radio, he heard Exodus Military Base that survivors are being urged to proceed to Airfield Base. They will hold back as long as they can. Once again, he needed a vehicle to get there. Earn to Die 2012 part 2, or also known as Earn to Die 3, is the continuation of the first Earn to Die 2012. The survivor is holding a map where it is shown that he will get to the Exodus Military Base via Desert Dash. Yet, he needs a vehicle once again. Your first vehicle is the fire engine truck.

In Earn to Die 4, you will be playing the original Earn to Die once again. However, this time, you now have the complete wheel upgrade. Play all sequels of the game Earn to Die at

free online maze games

Lots of scary games are out in the internet. If you are looking for an enjoyable scary game yet at the same time will make you scream at the top of your lungs, try playing the Scary Maze game series. Do not forget to share it with family and friends.


Scary Maze games will enhance your hand and eye coordination. It will also test how much you can concentrate. You will guide the object through the maze. At first, the mazes are wide and are easy to cross. But as you level up, it gets narrower and will even make harder turns. You will need more patience and concentration as you go through each maze. And you must be careful not to touch or bump into the walls. Else, the game will be over.

Scary Maze games are all free for play. There is no need to pay for anything. If you will play them at, you will not need to create any account or login into one. There are no in-app purchases too. The games are totally for free online. And it is also free to download the game app both in your iOS and Android devises. Simply type Play Scary Maze game in the App Store or Play Store and download. Downloading the Scary Maze game app is like downloading multiple Scary Maze games, you will be able to play different Scary Maze games.

Scary Maze games are fun to play. And you will surely have more fun when you share them with family and friends and watch them play. Advise them to turn off the lights when playing and put the volume of their speakers high to get the best ambiance for the games. Wait and see how they will react when they finally see the surprise as they play. Just take note that the game is not for the faint hearted or those with heart conditions.

Finish all Acts and Stages in Vex 3

Do you like games that are full of challenges and adventures?  Then Vex game series is the most suited online game for you.  This game series is free and can be played in a very simple way.  In the third episode of the game series, vex 3, the very athletic stick figure is back into action. This variety of the game is said to be the hardest among the series. Control the stick figure with your arrow keys to make him swim, run, jump, slide down and do some acrobatic moves. Your stick figure has to reach every Act in the fastest possible time. But be careful in your every move. The hurdles in vex 3 are more deadly than any other obstacles.

At the start of the game, you will be directed first to the Tutorial level where you can acquaint yourself with the panels and have an over view of what the game would be like. Because of that tutorial level, even first time players can play vex 3 without having consulted the previous episodes of the game.  There are ten levels of risky Acts to play plus nine more levels of Challenges.

As you play the game, there is nothing much reward but the trophies and the feeling of being successful in your goal. So you must collect trophies too. You can see them in the Trophies room. This room is equivalent to the Achievements room in the previous episode of this game. Though, there are forty new trophies in vex 3 that are subdivided into sections: Seven for the Awesome Stuff Trophies, Ten in the Standard Acts Trophies, Nineteen for the Hard Core Trophies and the Completion Trophies has four trophies. The higher the trophies, the harder it is to complete.

The Stage Builder in this game episode was also reformed in addition to the new Trophies room.  In the first episodes, you have to play the pre-developed game of the game creator for you to unlock builder packs. While in this episode, you can opt to build stages right after the game loads because the builder tools are already packed with obstacles, platforms and objects. You can still find many obstacles, platforms and objects as you play the game.

fleeing the complex apk

If you are looking for an enjoyable stickman game, you should not miss playing the Henry Stickmin game series. These game series is a funny point and click game. Play now the fifth sequel, Fleeing the Complex and help the stickman escape the wall.


You play as the stickman who was imprisoned in a highly secured prison called the Wall. He was imprisoned after escaping the prison, stealing the diamond and infiltrating the airship. The wall is heavily guarded by strong stick soldiers. Your goal in Fleeing the Complex is to escape from the callous penitentiary. As you escape, you will be given a set of action to choose from. You should be careful in choosing your action. One wrong choice will end the game. Most of the choices are seem useless or does not work at all. Not to worry though, you can experiment endlessly. One thing you will like about the game is that there are not counters for wrong moves or counters for failed attempts of escape.

Play now and enjoy the comical actions of the stickman. Fleeing the Complex, like its prequels, is a funny and entertaining game. You do not need to take the game like a puzzle that seriously needs to be solved. Play now for enjoyment and fun.

One downside of playing the Fleeing the Complex game is that you need to play it with sound to enjoy it fully. Unfortunately, there is no other alternative for those who would rather play in mute or those who are impaired in hearing. Even so, you will still enjoy the game’s animation. And to add, the game is totally free to play. There is no need to pay for anything. You also need not create or login to any account in order to play. You can even download Fleeing the Complex apk for free on your Android devices. Play now on your Android devices.

Duck Life evolution

If you are looking for a stress-free game, play the Duck Life game series. Train your duckling in different skills. Join and win first place in world tournaments. But do not forget to feed it though. Play the game to find out more.

In the first Duck Life game, a strong tornado destroyed everything in the farmer’s farm. Nothing was left but a duck egg. It so happen that duck racing in their place is very popular. And so the farmer thought of training the duckling the moment it hatched from its shell. There are three skills to train the duckling: flying, swimming and running. It needs to be fed too to boost its energy level. You will find out more here.

Having won in world tournaments, the farmer decided to train the duckling more in the second installment. This time, in addition to the skills of running, swimming and flying, the duckling is trained in the skill of climbing as well. Because of being too involved with ducklings, the farmer was able to genetically modify duck eggs. That means the ducklings are evolving and they have some human features. They are born with natural skills. You can choose from four kinds of eggs: the Athletic duck, the Strength duck, the Swimming duck and the Flying duck. Play Duck Life 3 to find out more.


In Duck Life 3 Evolution, you will be training more than one duckling in order to win in tournaments. The tournaments of Duck Life 3 Evolution are played in relay; you need at least two ducks in order to win first place. There are three leagues in this installment: the Amateur League, the Advanced League and the Professional League. However, only the Amateur League is unlocked at the beginning of the game. And this League is composed of two races: the qualifiers and the finals. Yet, you have to win the three races of the qualifiers to unlock the finals which also have three races. After winning in the three races of the finals, you will unlock the Advanced League. Then you have to win and finish the Advanced League to unlock the Professional League. Visit the fan site to find out more.

red ball 3 level 19

If you are looking for a commendable adventure game where you can divert your stresses or to just spend some free time, the Red Ball game series will serve you these purposes. The Red Ball game series is an enjoyable challenging puzzle adventure game where your skills will be put into test. And the third installment, red ball 3, will surely captivate your heart.

The cute little red ball has finally found the love of his life, the pretty Pink Ball. However, while they were strolling in a park, a mysterious Black Ball saw them and dream of being together with the Pink Ball. With this aspiration, the Black Ball knocked down Red Ball and took Pink Ball away with him. Red Ball must save the Pink Ball at all cost. Who knows what Black Ball is planning to do with her?

Guide the Red Ball as it ventures in twenty six challenging levels as it runs after Black Ball. It must reach the end of the level where a red flag is located. There are also checkpoints as you travel. Pass through them for the red flag to move up. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you passed through. As you journey, collect all the gold and silver stars you will see. They will give you good scores. Each silver stars will give you ten points while gold stars will give you more. However, gold stars are a bit harder to collect.


Every level in red ball 3 has different challenges. There are also various obstacles along the way. If you had played Red Ball 1 and Red Ball 2, some of the obstacles will be familiar to you. Some of these obstacles are the axes, spikes and lifts. One improvement in red ball 3 is the addition of obstacles. Among the new obstacles are the levers which will operate various things and the push buttons which the red ball needs to operate to control different obstacles.

The game red ball 3 is a lot more challenging than its predecessors. Even so, it is not impossible to finish the entire game. In case you got stuck, you can look for videos of players who were able to finish the game.

Strike force heroes 3 trailer

If you enjoy shooting and war-like games, indulge yourself in Strike Force Heroes game series. Each and every installment is full of action and is worthy playing. You will enjoy and will have real fun especially in the third installment, strike force heroes 3, which has better graphics.


In strike force heroes 3, GlobeX once again strikes. You will see a trailer at the beginning of the game about what is transpiring in a secret hideout of GlobeX and his allies. It is now ready with its clones to take the world under their control. Almost all Strike Force Heroes members are under GlobeX control as well. Only one strike force hero is left and still a problem to them, and that would be you. So your mission now is to rescue your teammates, rebuild the strike force heroes team again and stop GlobeX once and for all.

Unlike in the previous versions, you will need to win battles in strike force heroes 3 in order to unlock not only weapons, but heroes as well. There are a total of fifty levels to win in this game. Each level has its own conditions or requirements to win. In each level you play, you will receive awards which may be a new class of strike force heroes, cash or both, and of course, unlocking the next level too.

All classes of heroes you unlock have its own characteristics and capabilities. You can use your cash in upgrading them. When they fight, they will earn experience points according to their performance. Earning enough experience points will make them level up. The upgrades availability depends on their levels, including the weapons available for them. Each hero has his primary and secondary weapons and Mods. There are various classes of strike force heroes, the Engineer, the Gunslinger and the Strife amongst. Aside from upgrading them and choosing their primary and secondary weapons and Mods, you can also customize them. You can choose the color of their uniforms. Most players choose one color of uniform for the whole team.

If you manage to finish strike force heroes 3, you will see another trailer where GlobeX got really frustrated having failed once again. And he promises to infiltrate strike force heroes and succeed.

Defend or attack in ManOrMonster

Are you an action games fan? Have fun playing ManOrMonster then. In this action-packed game, you can choose to be Man or be Monster. If you will play as Man, your goal will be to protect the highly developed cities from the scary Monsters’ invasion. These monsters are life-threatening and could destroy the cities in a very short while. Use your high powered weapons such as guns, turrets and tanks to neutralize them.


Immediately attack the Monsters as they approach so there would be no fighting in the cities or above them. Do not forget to collect as much coins as you can as you battle those Monsters. And if you have decided to play as the Monster, your goal is to smash both humans and the cities. Know how it feels to be the antagonist or the enemy in a game. Whichever you choose, enjoyment is guaranteed.

Control and guide the car on the way in Wheely 1

Wheely 1 is the first installment from the flash game series called Wheely. This game features a four-wheeler vehicle with a cute mission and story. But before heading on to the main game play, let us tackle two reasons why you will get hooked in this game. First is because of the fact that it involves a car which most of us dream to have now or in the near future. Second is because of the challenge presented to tests the limits and skills of the players.

You can see more information about this game if you continue your reading process. Wheely which is the name of the car in this game is on a mission to get to his girlfriend but doing so is not an easy peasy. You will have to help him reach the end line. There will be buttons presented in the game which you have to maximize in order to control the platform that he will be going or driving into. Help him get to the safe area so that he can fix the broken parts in his machine.


Enjoy playing Gun Mayhem 3 with others online

If you have played Gun Mayhem and Gun Mayhem2, surely you have asked for more. In the third installment of Gun Mayhem 3 Chaos Faction, the core gameplay of its prequels are the same. However, aside from being a multiplayer game, this sequel is about online playing with and against other online players. At the beginning of the game, you can customize your character and even choose your weapons.

You can choose between three game modes to play: Campaign, Deathmatch and Survival. The Campaign Mode is about fighting the boss of every level to unlock more levels, weapons and characters. In the Deathmatch Mode, you can form a team of six members at most. In the Survival Mode, prove how tough you are by fighting against as many enemies as you can then you can submit your score to the online scoreboard. Play this game for free at