Absorb alien forms in Transmorpher 2

Looking for a game to relax and get away from the stresses of life? Play Transmorpher 2 and enjoy absorbing alien forms. There are four aliens to switch back and forth. Each alien has its own special abilities. The first one can jump. One can roll on walls and ceiling. The other one can push heavy boxes. Choose to which form you should switch to as you explore the alien spaceship by pressing the corresponding number key.

You are to collect stars, both big and small ones. Collect at least forty nine big stars to unlock all bonus levels. Explore twenty two levels plus four extra levels when you get the required number of stars to unlock them. But be careful with the many obstacles around. There are acid pools, guns, alien mind controller, laser guns and a lot more. Transmorpher 2, like its prequel, is an action puzzle game.

Transmorpher 2 (3)

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