Collect all gold in Nak the Crunkodile

Finding out that some racists are coming to take all his gold, Nak the Crunkodile decided to dive into his temple and collect all his gold. Play as Nak, get in the temple. Run down as fast as you can for the screen is also going down.

Collect all the coins, find idols and collect power-ups too for your benefit. Jump on the Skullpunks to kill them; do not let them touch you for you will be dead. Once you died, you will start the dive from the top. If you have killed Skullpunks, you will be given a bonus play of the minigame Skullpunk’d. Kill as many Skullpunks as you can so there will be more balls to drop in Skullpunk’d game and have more bonus coins. You can buy weird upgrades too when you earn enough coins. Nak the Crunkodile is an addicting fun action game.

Nak the Crunkodile (2)

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