Collect stars as many as you can in Red Ball 3

Red Ball series is a great game series because of two reasons. First is because it is very progressive and entertaining. Second is because of the value or lesson it presents to its players or gamers. This article is presenting a flash game which is the third installment from the said series. It is called Red Ball 3. Check it out at


One good thing about this game is that the story is evolving and changing so that the gamers will not get tired of engaging with the series. This time, the players has to deal with an evil enemy. The story starts when the girl friend of the main character which is the red ball was captured by the evil enemy. You must help the red ball find and rescue his loved one before it is too late. The objective is still the same which is to control the red ball and move it throughout the platform until it reaches the goal flag. Don’t forget to collect stars as many as you can for additional points.

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