Control and guide the car on the way in Wheely 1

Wheely 1 is the first installment from the flash game series called Wheely. This game features a four-wheeler vehicle with a cute mission and story. But before heading on to the main game play, let us tackle two reasons why you will get hooked in this game. First is because of the fact that it involves a car which most of us dream to have now or in the near future. Second is because of the challenge presented to tests the limits and skills of the players.

You can see more information about this game if you continue your reading process. Wheely which is the name of the car in this game is on a mission to get to his girlfriend but doing so is not an easy peasy. You will have to help him reach the end line. There will be buttons presented in the game which you have to maximize in order to control the platform that he will be going or driving into. Help him get to the safe area so that he can fix the broken parts in his machine.


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