Duck Life evolution

If you are looking for a stress-free game, play the Duck Life game series. Train your duckling in different skills. Join and win first place in world tournaments. But do not forget to feed it though. Play the game to find out more.

In the first Duck Life game, a strong tornado destroyed everything in the farmer’s farm. Nothing was left but a duck egg. It so happen that duck racing in their place is very popular. And so the farmer thought of training the duckling the moment it hatched from its shell. There are three skills to train the duckling: flying, swimming and running. It needs to be fed too to boost its energy level. You will find out more here.

Having won in world tournaments, the farmer decided to train the duckling more in the second installment. This time, in addition to the skills of running, swimming and flying, the duckling is trained in the skill of climbing as well. Because of being too involved with ducklings, the farmer was able to genetically modify duck eggs. That means the ducklings are evolving and they have some human features. They are born with natural skills. You can choose from four kinds of eggs: the Athletic duck, the Strength duck, the Swimming duck and the Flying duck. Play Duck Life 3 to find out more.


In Duck Life 3 Evolution, you will be training more than one duckling in order to win in tournaments. The tournaments of Duck Life 3 Evolution are played in relay; you need at least two ducks in order to win first place. There are three leagues in this installment: the Amateur League, the Advanced League and the Professional League. However, only the Amateur League is unlocked at the beginning of the game. And this League is composed of two races: the qualifiers and the finals. Yet, you have to win the three races of the qualifiers to unlock the finals which also have three races. After winning in the three races of the finals, you will unlock the Advanced League. Then you have to win and finish the Advanced League to unlock the Professional League. Visit the fan site to find out more.

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