Finish all Acts and Stages in Vex 3

Do you like games that are full of challenges and adventures?  Then Vex game series is the most suited online game for you.  This game series is free and can be played in a very simple way.  In the third episode of the game series, vex 3, the very athletic stick figure is back into action. This variety of the game is said to be the hardest among the series. Control the stick figure with your arrow keys to make him swim, run, jump, slide down and do some acrobatic moves. Your stick figure has to reach every Act in the fastest possible time. But be careful in your every move. The hurdles in vex 3 are more deadly than any other obstacles.

At the start of the game, you will be directed first to the Tutorial level where you can acquaint yourself with the panels and have an over view of what the game would be like. Because of that tutorial level, even first time players can play vex 3 without having consulted the previous episodes of the game.  There are ten levels of risky Acts to play plus nine more levels of Challenges.

As you play the game, there is nothing much reward but the trophies and the feeling of being successful in your goal. So you must collect trophies too. You can see them in the Trophies room. This room is equivalent to the Achievements room in the previous episode of this game. Though, there are forty new trophies in vex 3 that are subdivided into sections: Seven for the Awesome Stuff Trophies, Ten in the Standard Acts Trophies, Nineteen for the Hard Core Trophies and the Completion Trophies has four trophies. The higher the trophies, the harder it is to complete.

The Stage Builder in this game episode was also reformed in addition to the new Trophies room.  In the first episodes, you have to play the pre-developed game of the game creator for you to unlock builder packs. While in this episode, you can opt to build stages right after the game loads because the builder tools are already packed with obstacles, platforms and objects. You can still find many obstacles, platforms and objects as you play the game.

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