It is all about defensive stuff in Defend the Tower

Defense is an important thing in any sports or life in general. Without it, an action will not be completed but rather depleted. In sports, this is an integral part in any team or individual. Usually, people are only aware of the offensive side of things and commonly taking for granted the importance of defense. The main reason why it is important is because without it, offense will not work properly. In games existing online, this part is quite normal or regular. In fact, this article that you are currently reading is featuring or presenting a great game about defense.


The game is called Defend the Tower. This is a great game created and developed by Disarray Games and has been existing online since 2007. The mission of the players or gamers who will be engaging on the adventure that this medium presents is to protect the base from incoming enemies or obstacles. You must be able to unleash strategic and tactical skills to win in this game.

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