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Enjoy playing Gun Mayhem 3 with others online

If you have played Gun Mayhem and Gun Mayhem2, surely you have asked for more. In the third installment of Gun Mayhem 3 Chaos Faction, the core gameplay of its prequels are the same. However, aside from being a multiplayer game, this sequel is about online playing with and against other online players. At the beginning of the game, you can customize your character and even choose your weapons.

You can choose between three game modes to play: Campaign, Deathmatch and Survival. The Campaign Mode is about fighting the boss of every level to unlock more levels, weapons and characters. In the Deathmatch Mode, you can form a team of six members at most. In the Survival Mode, prove how tough you are by fighting against as many enemies as you can then you can submit your score to the online scoreboard. Play this game for free at


Utilize the sharp weapons in O-shaped Ninjas

One of the most commonly used or incorporated characters in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games is the ninja. In fact, this article is all about a flash game in which the main character is a ninja. The title of the game is O-shaped Ninjas. But before going on the discussion, let us talk about the two factors why ninjas are great characters in the entertainment industry. One is because of the mystery it still has because a ninja usually wears a mask and black costume. Second is because of the entertainment aspect it has which is endearing for most people. The discussion part in the article can be found in the next paragraph.

If you are asking for the player’s role, objective or mission in this game, the answer is on the next sentence. The player will act or play as an O-shaped ninja who has to defeat and eliminate his rivals by slashing them using a sharp weapon presented in the game. If you are fast enough and you are able to accumulate great number of kills, you are assured that your score or points will be high.

O-Shaped Ninjas (4)

It is all about defensive stuff in Defend the Tower

Defense is an important thing in any sports or life in general. Without it, an action will not be completed but rather depleted. In sports, this is an integral part in any team or individual. Usually, people are only aware of the offensive side of things and commonly taking for granted the importance of defense. The main reason why it is important is because without it, offense will not work properly. In games existing online, this part is quite normal or regular. In fact, this article that you are currently reading is featuring or presenting a great game about defense.


The game is called Defend the Tower. This is a great game created and developed by Disarray Games and has been existing online since 2007. The mission of the players or gamers who will be engaging on the adventure that this medium presents is to protect the base from incoming enemies or obstacles. You must be able to unleash strategic and tactical skills to win in this game.

Survive in earn to die 2012 part 2

From the first Earn to Die game, the zombies continue to reign everywhere. Once again escape from them by getting a vehicle and run as far as the vehicle can. And before running each day, upgrade your vehicle for better performance and greater distance. In Earn to Die 2012 part 2, there are three levels to complete: Forgotten Hills, Silent Woods and White Park. Each one of different vehicles and different zombies.

You will be using three types of vehicles in each level: the fire engine, the big rig and the flatbed truck. And just like in the previous versions, the upgrade you have made on your first vehicle is incompatible to your next vehicle. You will need to fully upgrade your vehicles in order for you to reach the goal line easier. Challenge yourself, and even your friends, to finish the game in the fewest number of days possible.


Collect all gold in Nak the Crunkodile

Finding out that some racists are coming to take all his gold, Nak the Crunkodile decided to dive into his temple and collect all his gold. Play as Nak, get in the temple. Run down as fast as you can for the screen is also going down.

Collect all the coins, find idols and collect power-ups too for your benefit. Jump on the Skullpunks to kill them; do not let them touch you for you will be dead. Once you died, you will start the dive from the top. If you have killed Skullpunks, you will be given a bonus play of the minigame Skullpunk’d. Kill as many Skullpunks as you can so there will be more balls to drop in Skullpunk’d game and have more bonus coins. You can buy weird upgrades too when you earn enough coins. Nak the Crunkodile is an addicting fun action game.

Nak the Crunkodile (2)