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Put the traffic signs correctly in crash town

Ever imagined yourself being a traffic enforcer or has something to do with traffic rules and regulations? Take that chance in this puzzle game, Crash Town. Your goal is to put the road signs to where they should be in order to warn and save as many travellers as possible and bring them home safely. Some levels will require you to put several road signs.

There are thirty levels to enjoy the role of a traffic controller; ten levels to each mode of difficulty – the easy mode or the commercial district, the medium mode or the Industrial Park and the hard mode or the Neighborhood. As you play in the easy mode, you will be able to unlock the medium mode. But to unlock the hard mode, you have to get three stars in sixteen levels first. Crash down is an engaging fun strategy game.


Enjoy styling Barbie in Barbie Real Haircuts

Barbie is the infamous beautiful, sexy and forever young fashion doll that has been the favorite toy of young girls. You can comb and style her hair, change her clothes and shoes, put on accessories, make her swim and a lot more way to play with her. She has also been an idol to women who dreams of having a perfect body statistics. Real Haircuts gives you the chance of styling Barbie’s hair in one of their series, Barbie Real Haircuts.

barbie real haircuts

Comb Barbie’s hair, iron flat it or curl it. What more, you can choose the color of her hair, either color it in one color or in several colors. You can add the glittery hair spray too. There is an option to take picture or print your creation. Discover more in Barbie Real Haircut for an endless possible combination of styling Barbie’s hair. Young girls will surely love this game.

Zombie crushing adventure in Earn To Die 6

If there is one flash game series which is known for providing gamers with zombie-themed flash games, it would be the one called Earn To Die. Its success has been continuing to the point that it is now releasing its sixth installment in The zombies are back in this game which means there will be more exciting adventures and levels to play. There are two reasons why this game is unique than the previous games. One is because the zombies are more dangerous and ferocious. Second is because of several obstacles that the player needs to overcome. You can get some details about this game if you continue your reading.

earn to die 6

Since this is already the sixth from the series, there are new changes implemented. There are now three types of zombies that the player has to deal with. They are the rotten zombies, muscle zombies and the fat zombies. In terms of the upgrades of vehicles, there are certain parts that can be improved such as the engine, fuel tank, suspension, bumper and wheels. The player must be able to crash and smash zombies as many as possible. This new edition can be freely played online through different gaming websites existing at the moment.

Be fast as crazy as you can with Taxi Gone Wild

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you fond of extreme and thrilling activities? If you are positive about the two questions, then you will surely appreciate the content of this article. It is about a game that requires speed. It is about a game that features a taxi. The name of it is Taxi Gone Wild. Before we move on with the main topic, let us quickly tackle the importance of a taxi. This vehicle is used by a lot of people for transportation with a definite benefit. Going back, have you ever wonder why it is entitled as Taxi Gone Wild? The answer is because it requires speed and quickness.


If you want to engage with this game, you must first know your goal. You will have to drive a taxi in each level. The catch is that you have to drive as fast and as crazy as you can to advance because you are given 30 seconds to reach the endline of each track or road. Make sure that you are focused and determined to beat the records on the game screen.

Discover Secrets On House of Anubis!

House of Anubis is an incredibly interesting games based on mystery. Teenagers all over the world love it! It is based on a TV series and it is pretty exciting. You goal will be to find some clues and solve some problems. You character will be said what he needs to find. You will also race against time. So you need to find certain items in the room within the given time.


But there will also be some other challenges in the game, like memory games of different kinds. Your character’s name is Edie and he has a vision that is warning him about a big evil. So he needs to reveal the secret by finding these clues. The game is very interesting for teenagers but adults will also find it quite amusing. Sometimes it can be very hard to find some clues, but you have one hint to help you find it. Enjoy!