red ball 3 level 19

If you are looking for a commendable adventure game where you can divert your stresses or to just spend some free time, the Red Ball game series will serve you these purposes. The Red Ball game series is an enjoyable challenging puzzle adventure game where your skills will be put into test. And the third installment, red ball 3, will surely captivate your heart.

The cute little red ball has finally found the love of his life, the pretty Pink Ball. However, while they were strolling in a park, a mysterious Black Ball saw them and dream of being together with the Pink Ball. With this aspiration, the Black Ball knocked down Red Ball and took Pink Ball away with him. Red Ball must save the Pink Ball at all cost. Who knows what Black Ball is planning to do with her?

Guide the Red Ball as it ventures in twenty six challenging levels as it runs after Black Ball. It must reach the end of the level where a red flag is located. There are also checkpoints as you travel. Pass through them for the red flag to move up. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you passed through. As you journey, collect all the gold and silver stars you will see. They will give you good scores. Each silver stars will give you ten points while gold stars will give you more. However, gold stars are a bit harder to collect.


Every level in red ball 3 has different challenges. There are also various obstacles along the way. If you had played Red Ball 1 and Red Ball 2, some of the obstacles will be familiar to you. Some of these obstacles are the axes, spikes and lifts. One improvement in red ball 3 is the addition of obstacles. Among the new obstacles are the levers which will operate various things and the push buttons which the red ball needs to operate to control different obstacles.

The game red ball 3 is a lot more challenging than its predecessors. Even so, it is not impossible to finish the entire game. In case you got stuck, you can look for videos of players who were able to finish the game.

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