Strike force heroes 3 trailer

If you enjoy shooting and war-like games, indulge yourself in Strike Force Heroes game series. Each and every installment is full of action and is worthy playing. You will enjoy and will have real fun especially in the third installment, strike force heroes 3, which has better graphics.


In strike force heroes 3, GlobeX once again strikes. You will see a trailer at the beginning of the game about what is transpiring in a secret hideout of GlobeX and his allies. It is now ready with its clones to take the world under their control. Almost all Strike Force Heroes members are under GlobeX control as well. Only one strike force hero is left and still a problem to them, and that would be you. So your mission now is to rescue your teammates, rebuild the strike force heroes team again and stop GlobeX once and for all.

Unlike in the previous versions, you will need to win battles in strike force heroes 3 in order to unlock not only weapons, but heroes as well. There are a total of fifty levels to win in this game. Each level has its own conditions or requirements to win. In each level you play, you will receive awards which may be a new class of strike force heroes, cash or both, and of course, unlocking the next level too.

All classes of heroes you unlock have its own characteristics and capabilities. You can use your cash in upgrading them. When they fight, they will earn experience points according to their performance. Earning enough experience points will make them level up. The upgrades availability depends on their levels, including the weapons available for them. Each hero has his primary and secondary weapons and Mods. There are various classes of strike force heroes, the Engineer, the Gunslinger and the Strife amongst. Aside from upgrading them and choosing their primary and secondary weapons and Mods, you can also customize them. You can choose the color of their uniforms. Most players choose one color of uniform for the whole team.

If you manage to finish strike force heroes 3, you will see another trailer where GlobeX got really frustrated having failed once again. And he promises to infiltrate strike force heroes and succeed.

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