The Earn to Die games

The Earn to Die game series is one series of an addicting challenging and exciting racing game. The graphics are clear and good. The controls are very easy, just the arrow keys from your keyboard. Even the music and sound effects are stimulating.

All Earn to Die sequels have the same gameplay. You will be driving a total of three vehicles to finish the game. But you will need to upgrade your current vehicle at the end of the day. Each run is equal to a day. And you earn cash for zombies killed and the distance your vehicle have reached. From the first Earn to Die, improvements and some differences were made for the succeeding versions.


The story of the game started when then zombie apocalypse dawned on the survivor’s hometown. Being brave and tough, the survivor looked for a way to escape from the zombies. He has high hopes too that there must be a safe place away from all these zombies. Using binoculars, he saw from a distance a helicopter. Believing that it can fly him away from the zombies, he aimed to get there. Yet he needs a ride to get there. So he started with a small hatchback.

In Earn to Die 2012, a clipping showed that he made it to the helicopter. However, just like the vehicles he had used before, the helicopter ran out of fuel. Having gotten a communication radio, he heard Exodus Military Base that survivors are being urged to proceed to Airfield Base. They will hold back as long as they can. Once again, he needed a vehicle to get there. Earn to Die 2012 part 2, or also known as Earn to Die 3, is the continuation of the first Earn to Die 2012. The survivor is holding a map where it is shown that he will get to the Exodus Military Base via Desert Dash. Yet, he needs a vehicle once again. Your first vehicle is the fire engine truck.

In Earn to Die 4, you will be playing the original Earn to Die once again. However, this time, you now have the complete wheel upgrade. Play all sequels of the game Earn to Die at

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