Unlock all stunts in FMX Team

FMX Team is a freestyle motocross game which means that it is not about racing or drifting but about performing certain tricks using a motocross bike. There are three things that you should look forward in playing this game. First is the feature that adds up to the appealing and attracting factor of the entire game. Second is the challenging gameplay in which you will feel like being tested with your capabilities and all. Last is the team that the players will be working with which is the main reason why it is called FMX Team.

FMX Team (3)

Your goal or role as the player is to harmoniously play with 2 other bikers to win in this game. You have to unlock all the stunts by accumulating the maximum points in each track. Each biker can perform 5 stunts. You must be able to utilize of this chance to be successful with your objective as a team.

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