Utilize the sharp weapons in O-shaped Ninjas

One of the most commonly used or incorporated characters in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games is the ninja. In fact, this article is all about a flash game in which the main character is a ninja. The title of the game is O-shaped Ninjas. But before going on the discussion, let us talk about the two factors why ninjas are great characters in the entertainment industry. One is because of the mystery it still has because a ninja usually wears a mask and black costume. Second is because of the entertainment aspect it has which is endearing for most people. The discussion part in the article can be found in the next paragraph.

If you are asking for the player’s role, objective or mission in this game, the answer is on the next sentence. The player will act or play as an O-shaped ninja who has to defeat and eliminate his rivals by slashing them using a sharp weapon presented in the game. If you are fast enough and you are able to accumulate great number of kills, you are assured that your score or points will be high.

O-Shaped Ninjas (4)

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