Win a position in Coaster Racer 2

Want some adrenaline rush while racing? Have that in Coaster Racer 2. This version is much more complicated than its prequel. In this game, aside from the Race itself, there are two additional challenges in each level: you will be competing with other racers and try to land in a pole position to qualify for the next race. There are also three kinds of challenges: the Head to Head Challenge, the Time Trial Challenge and the Catch Up Challenge. In Head to Head Challenge, you will be challenged to beat someone.


In Time Trial Challenge, you will have to beat a racer’s time record. And in Catch Up Challenge, as the term suggests, you will have to catch up with a racer. Coaster Racer is an action-packed challenging sports game that will give you a different experience of racing. Use the arrow keys to control your vehicle.

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